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Who's here because they are sick + tired of



To be more specific…


I’m so incredibly glad that you’re here— in my hustle-free zone.


Burnt out,

Stressed out, or

About to pull their hair out.

A safe haven for the freelancer who’s juggling clients 80+ hours a week, simply to avoid going back to a 40 hour workweek with a “real job”.

A shelter for the unmotivated, dissatisfied employee—who’s currently planning an escape from her corporate prison, (AKA her cubicle)-- though she doesn’t yet know how she’ll afford to make a run for it.

A refuge for the mom who’s pulling double duty between work + soccer practice— who wonders why there always seems to be too many bills to pay + not enough hours in the day.


Around here, “Hustle” is a dirty word.

And the lifestyle that goes along with it— completely overrated.

It’s not healthy.

It’s not natural.

It's simply not required.

And for the record— operating your business + choosing to live your life “hustle-free” is not lazy.

It’s an act of self-love.

It’s intentional.

And it’s just plain smart.

You now have my permission to chill the ‘eff out + slay gently.

Perhaps you landed here because you’re flat out exhausted.

You’re stuck in a career where the only way you can make money is if you’re physically doing the work.

You’re constantly exchanging your time for a paycheck.

Trading hours for dollars.

When you clock out— so does your income.

And on + on it goes…

Forever + ever if you let it.

Maybe you’re here because you understand that you've been lied to— you see that the amount of effort you put into something doesn’t necessarily equal the payoff that you receive from it.

You realize that hard work does not always = success

Blood, sweat + tears do not always = money in the bank

You’ve worked your freaking tail off + you’ve started to wonder, “will it ever be enough?!

You’ve begun to question how many more hours you’re willing, or even able to give to the



Thankless Hustle…

The Hustle…ugh.

Yea, she’s a real bitch.

And something tells me that you’re ready to give her the ol’ middle finger.

All it takes is a mental shift.

You simply decide that you no longer want to punch the clock to prove your worth.

You proudly say aloud that you’re done trading in all of your precious, limited hours for dollars.

And you begin to take the necessary steps towards a life where you make more money— yet have more free time.

Hustle free = the way to be. (And- it’s actually possible).

You’re ready-- I can feel it.

To become a reformed hustler.

To make the commitment to start working smarter— not harder.

You know what the life you really want looks like, right?

Let’s imagine it, together…

When your income is no longer dictated by the time you spend working.

When you no longer have to countdown to the weekend.

And when there are no longer limitations on the amount of money that is possible for you to make.

That’s the life you’re after.

And that’s exactly why you’re in my club.

See, I really like you.

And I GET you— I totally do.

Because only a year ago, I was you.

Hey there. I'm Stephanie Gilbert

Recovering hustler + online boss at Small Talk Social.

Over the last 12 months I've increased my salary by $10k selling low cost digital products-- completely on autopilot.

My mission is to help you do the same, so you can enjoy more free time, while making more money!

In mid 2015, I was saying adios to my 9-5.

(My work hours were actually from 6am-3pm, but you get the point).

I was taking the proverbial plunge.

I was leaving my safe, structured job-- complete with generous employee discount, cushy benefits, and consistent bi-weekly paychecks.

I was entering the world of the unknown.

A world also known as The Freelance Life.

This was it-- I was finally my own boss.

I could set my own hours.

Work all day from the sofa in my yoga pants. (versus actually doing yoga in them)

And make cute coffee dates with other freelancers to plan world domination.


But soon after making all of those fluffy, pink, cotton candy plans-- the fairy dust settled + I was left standing alone in those yoga pants--with little more than my laptop.

Silly little wantrepreneur.

I quickly found myself in a state of constant panic + worry.

Worried that I wouldn’t find enough clients.

Worried that once I’d found a client, they would leave.

Worried that I wouldn’t be able to find a new client to replace the client who bailed.

Worried that I’d soon be living in a cardboard box. (“the worry” really escalated quickly).

I was even worried that at some point I’d have too many clients + I’d have to say goodbye to my social life.

Yep, I was a real joy for my husband to be around.

But, every once in awhile-- my biggest fears would come true-- and a client would leave.

Cue the wet, snot-filled ugly cry.

Cue the weekly proclamation that I was going back to a “real job”.

Cue the opening of my laptop + an emotional job search on Monster.com

Cue the slamming of my laptop.

Uh-uh. No ma’am.

There was no way in hell that I was going back to a REAL JOB.

But constantly living in a state of fear was simply no way to live.

And even when business was good, I had no way to scale my income any further.

I was stuck trading hours for dollars…

This was exactly like my “real job” (minus the sweatpants)

I was hustling.

And I was sick + tired of it.

I needed a new plan.

My ultimate dream was probably pretty similar to most who wish to strike out on their own...

I wanted to make more money while spending less time working.

I wanted more free time to spend with my husband.

I wanted to be less stressed out + actually enjoy my life.

I wanted to go on tropical vacations + not worry about how I’d pay the bills when I returned.

I wanted to stop with all the hustling.

But I couldn’t just quit working with clients cold turkey… they were paying my rent.

I needed a way to ease into making more money.

I NEEDED A SIDE HUSTLE (without all of the hustle).

So right then + there I decided that I would create a passive stream of revenue online.

I began making low-cost informational products that I sold directly from my blog.

And, in only 10 hours time, I was able to create 4 digital products that I priced between $10- $29.

Cut to me figuring out to to scale those 4 products to sell less + make even more.

Cut to me perfecting all of my systems, so that I could sell my products day-after-after, completely on autopilot.

Cut to me sending out 2 emails over the course of 3 days + making $2700.

(And I didn’t have a massive email list-- in fact, less than 1000 people even opened those emails).

This almost felt like cheating.

Because with only about 15 minutes of work, I’d managed to make more money in 3 days than I could make with a single client for a month.

One year ago, I was just like you.

Tired of the hustle.

Tired of living in fear.

Tired… in general.


Then I cracked the passive income code with $20 products + increased my annual income by $10,000.

Now, let me ask you something…

If you could create a digital product ONCE + it could consistently make you an extra $500, $800, $1000--over + over, every single month…

What would that mean for you + your life?

How would it change the way you currently work?

What would it mean for your family, friends, or significant other?

And why is THAT so important?

Write it down. Say it out loud.

I want to create passive income by selling digital products…

“So I can spend more time with my husband + kids”

“So I can go on that tropical vacation that I’ve been planning on Pinterest for years”

“To get me out of debt from all of those student loans”

“To put away money so I can finally leave my corporate job”


My "WHY" was literally the only thing that kept me on board with the whole concept, despite my preliminary failures with selling digital products.

I knew how I wanted my life to look--

I held on tight to the idea that there was a way to make more money + work less.

I was such a newbie to the online business world-- and I’d managed to make a handful of sales already.

This was, at the very least, proof that it COULD work.

Clearly, I just wasn’t doing something right.

Turns out-- I wasn’t doing A LOT of things right.

But I’d have to learn it all the hard way.

If I had to say what the biggest mistake I made throughout my entire passive income journey was- it was thinking that I had to do it all by myself.

I thought I knew it all, because I’d read all the blog posts, watched all the webinars + signed up for all the free downloads.

But I never considered getting the help from someone who’d already walked the path that I was attempting to go down.

I didn’t invest in the process -- instead I wasted a ton of time figuring it all out, alone. (which was totally ironic since I was trying to gain MORE free time)

I had no accountability.

No one to brainstorm with or ask questions.

No one there to talk me off the proverbial ledge when things just weren’t working.

And no one to celebrate my wins with me-- when things totally were.

So, you’ll want to consider this when you embark on your own passive income journey.

Who do you have to help you when the virtual shit hits the fan?

Who’s in your corner?

Who do you know--with experience-- that will help you see the bigger picture, when you’re stressed out + focused on the silly little details (that may not even matter?)

And who’s going to stay up late + party in their PJ’s with you-- when you start hitting consistent monthly income goals?




A passive income product crash course for beginners.

The material inside of this value-packed training will take you from “I’d love to create passive income, but I’m not sure where to start”-- all the way to a completed product, that’s 100% ready to launch!

During Pajama Party prep, you’ll be given a roadmap that guides you through each step of realizing your new digital product-- from conception to creation.

Here’s what’s included inside the crash course:

  • I’ll show you the two “must haves” for anyone wanting to sell digital products on autopilot-- and why these should both be set up before you begin creating your product.
  • You’ll walk with me, step-by-step, through the 4 critical phases of designing a digital product-- and discover 4 different ways to be certain that you’re creating something people actually want to buy.
  • We’ll cover the 7 crucial questions that you’ll need to answer, in order to determine who your ideal customer really is.
  • I’ll teach you my proven technique to begin growing an audience of potential buyers-- people who’ll be excited for your offer-- before you even mention it to them!
  • You’ll learn how to name, price + professionally present your digital product online, as well as discover exactly what to include in your descriptions + why it matters.
  • I’ll show you one small tweak that will automatically upgrade your customer’s experience when they make a purchase from you.
  • You’ll learn a simple strategy for acquiring real testimonials + online publicity for your product before you present it to the public.
  • And you’ll wrap up this crash course with confidence-- your idea validated, and your brand new digital product 100% prepped + ready to launch to the masses.




All Pajama Party Prep students gain direct access to me + my team inside of our private Digital Product Hotline Slack group.

You will be able to reach out anytime + ask specific questions about your digital product.

You can use the community inside of the Slack group to gain insight + get feedback about your offer-- you won't have to go through the process alone!

This additional support will be available for 3 months after the course begins.

Get started now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
Will this course be updated + will I have access to future versions?
Yes! And Yes! When you enroll in this course, you’ll have access forever--to every iteration. As time goes by, there will most likely be ways to improve + add to this training. So when those changes + updates happen, you will have immediate access to those as well.
How is this course different from what I can find out THERE-- on the internet, in blogs, webinars, etc?
While you can probably find information about most of the concepts we’ll cover in this course, you will have to seek it out, from a variety of sources, and that will take some time. What I’ve consolidated into this training is a year’s worth of searching, testing, trying + succeeding. I’ve drilled it down to exactly what you should do, and in what order-- so that you can save all of that time researching + testing, and just DO IT ALREADY. There are actual examples, swipe copy, and video tutorials that will show you exactly what to do. Plus there is a community + access to myself throughout the training so that you can get it right, the first time!
Will this work for me if I’m not in the marketing industry?
YES! Digital products aren’t just for informational products from online marketers. There are many different ways to interpret your skill or knowledge into a digital product to sell online. Some examples of niche’s who aren’t online marketers but still sell digitally: Personal Chefs, Graphic Designers, Essential Oil Distributors/ MLM, Calligraphers, Seamstresses, Musicians, Yoga Instructors, Palm Readers, Carpenters/Woodworkers, Jewelry Designers, Accountants, Security Guards, etc.
What if I’m literally starting from scratch- no audience, no products? Will this work for me?
Absolutely! This is your very first step -- the crash course will guide you through the entire process of creating your first product--from start to finish--while also growing your target audience!
How many other platforms will I have to pay for to make these systems you teach actually work?
So this is a great question-- and while many of the systems that I will train you on inside of the course are “paid platforms”-- some of them cost as little as $5-$20 per month. However- I will also give you a list of alternative options that are totally free inside of each module. Many of the concepts I will teach can be used on these free platforms- although some may lack the full functionalities in order to be totally automated. These may still be a better option for those who are just getting started + don’t want to make the additional investments. Now that the income from my digital products is consistent, I will say that the small monthly fees that I pay to ensure many of my marketing strategies are fully automated are covered 100% by my passive income revenue. Let’s just call it the “cost of doing business”.
How much time will it take to complete this course?
The Pajama Party Prep crash course is available now you'll have access to it forever! We understand that life happens, so feel free to go at your own pace! You will have access to me + my team inside of the Slack group for the 3 months for support after you enroll.

Get started now!