Instagram for Business Bootcamp

Learn to Use Your Instagram Business Profile to Grow Your Email List + Make More Money.

Have you heard about Instagram's new business profiles?

Instagram recently rolled out the option to operate on the platform as a professional business-- providing valuable insights, the ability to promote within the app + an easy way for customers + clients to contact you!

Whether you've already made the switch or you're still on the fence-- if you're trying to grow your creative business with the platform-- Instagram for Business Bootcamp has something for you.

During this video training, I explain the benefits of making the switch to a business profile, as well attempt to squash any fears you might have about letting go of your beloved personal account.

I also teach you how to use those handy new business insights in strategic ways, and share a few of my simple, proven strategies to help you get more email sign ups + make more money with the platform!!


  • The pros + "perceived cons" of making the switch to an Instagram business profile— (and how to overcome the fear + make an impact)

  • How to set up your Instagram profile as a business

  • New business profile best practices + how to get more bang out of your new bio (bang= more email sign ups, click-throughs + conversions)

  • Three simple ways to use your account to make more money #cha-ching

  • How to analyze your business insights so that you can be more strategic with your marketing efforts on the platform


In addition to the value-packed video training-- when you enroll, you'll immediately receive an Instagram for Business Bootcamp workbook, as well my original Business Insight Tracking Sheets to help you monitor your analytics + growth on the platform.



Instagram Visual Style Guide Workbook ($12 value).

Learn how to create your own Insta-aesthetic for your creative business.

The Get Visual Style Guide workbook walks you step-by-step through discovering your own unique visual voice + helps you to establish a framework for your content creation.

Who exactly is this bootcamp for?

Well if you:

  • Have a creative online business where you sell a product, (either physical or digital), or your services
  • Currently use Instagram for your business, but don't feel like you have a real strategy in place to get you more email sign ups, or to help you to make more sales
  • Feel like it's taking you FOREVER to grow your following
  • Are unsure of how to use your new business insights to your advantage
  • Are unsure if you even want to make the switch from a personal profile to a business profile

This training is definitely for YOU.

Instagram for Business Bootcamp does not cover the basics or "How to get started using Instagram".

If you're totally new to the Instagram platform- I suggest enrolling in VIP ACCESS instead!

This training will focus on teaching those who are already familiar with the general practices of posting to the platform for their business-- building upon that knowledge, with a series of tested strategies. Bootcamp will teach you to use your Business profile more effectively as a tool to build your list + make more money.


I'm so excited to be sharing my own experiences with an Instagram business profile, as well as providing you with actionable tips that are easy to implement.

If you're ready to get more email sign ups, want to sell more of your products, or book more of your services with the platform-- enroll in Instagram for Bootcamp now!!

Your Instructor

Stephanie Gilbert
Stephanie Gilbert

Stephanie Gilbert is a freelance Social Media Coordinator who specializes in creating compelling visual content strategies for creative businesses, bloggers + entrepreneurs. She also runs a blog called Small Talk Social, in which she shares her favorite tips + best practices for creating visual content, as well as how to optimize your social media platforms to convert loyal followers into paying customers. Her #1 mission: To teach you how to create better content.